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PROBE: Dec. 18, 2001

December 18, 2001

QUESTION: I have been following the complaints in PROBE about crossing Highway 111 on Evan Hewes. The other day I was talking to a California Department of Transportation employee. He said Caltrans plans to take out the signal light and put in a four-way stop there. There are too many stop signs on 111, he said. If they do that, Holtville people will never get across 111. — Daily Commuter, Holtville

A four-way stop is a bit low-tech but it can't be worse than what we've got. The other day, westbound traffic (from Holtville) had an almost five-minute wait for the light to recycle for the north, south and east traffic.

County Supervisor Wally Leimgruber said the intersection will continue to be controlled by a signal light. It's necessary to move the increasingly heavy 111 traffic over Evan Hewes.

Studies show that signal lights move more traffic in less time than stop signs, Leimgruber said.


WAITING FOR RESULTS — I am calling for a young man who has been waiting for the results of his background check to get a job as a school janitor.

He was fingerprinted at the county Office of Education two months ago and still has not received the results. When he called the county Office of Education, it gave him a Sacramento phone number to call. When he called Sacramento, he got a recording that told him to go back to the agency that took his fingerprints.

He desperately needs this job. If he doesn't get the fingerprints result, he's going to lose his chance. Can you help? — A Friend, Holtville

All we can do is what somebody should have done a month ago: tell you the delay may be nothing more than a smudged or unclear set of prints that wouldn't clear the computer. The delay may be the time it takes to read the prints manually, or it could mean the fingerprints turned up something in his background.

The agency that had his fingerprints taken was the Holtville Unified School District. The school district should contact the state Department of Justice and find out what's taking so long.

A BIGGER SUIT — How can I get in touch with those people with the large Santa suit? Our Santa's suit has been getting tighter every year. I promised my husband I would make him a bigger one but I will not get it finished in time. — Mrs. Santa, El Centro

You're confused. The Niland Chamber of Commerce didn't have a large suit. It had a large Santa who got too big for his Santa britches.

When Niland couldn't find a bigger suit, it found a smaller Santa. So jolly old St. Nick, take warning and lay off the plum pudding.

OK, PROBE readers, if you have an extra-chubby Santa suit, call Mrs. Claus at 339-6226 and ask for Margie. Nick needs a 2X or maybe a 3X. If you don't have a big suit but can sew well and quickly, maybe you could help Margie finish the big suit she started or let out his old suit.

Mrs. Santa is a member of the Centinela State Prison Citizens Advisory Committee.

This Santa will give away 100 bicycles donated by local folks and spiffed up by the Centinela inmates. It's a way of making 100 kids deliriously happy on Christmas Day, or another way to make our little corner of the world a better place!

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