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Our Opinion: Planning new schools

December 18, 2001

The Calexico Unified School District continues to be one of the most progressive, forward-thinking organizations in the county.

Last week, at a Calexico Planning Commission meeting, school district Superintendent Roberto Moreno put forth the district's 10-year master plan, which calls for two new high schools, two larger junior highs and a number of elementary schools in anticipation of the continued growth the city has seen over the last five years.

Over the last three years some 800 new students have enrolled in district schools. This year alone the district saw its rolls grow by 420. And, according to Moreno, thousands more are expected in the near future as housing developments in the northern and eastern reaches of the city are erected at dizzying levels.

That's impressive. Perhaps what is more impressive is the way Moreno and the district Board of Trustees have already taken the initiative to prevent overly impacted campuses where learning can suffer.


We've seen this time and again in the Imperial Valley — communities see a massive growth spurt and their schools, more important their students, are made to suffer.

We're not saying Calexico school officials have their panacea at hand. Ten years is a long time and Calexico has a long road ahead of it before many of these planned campuses come to fruition. In the interim, some campuses may get packed to the gills, but the point is effort to alleviate such strains to the system as soon as possible are being taken.

Much of the credit for such seemingly efficient operation at the district should fall squarely on the shoulders of Moreno, his staff and the Board of Trustees. Moreno has proven through years of success to a be damn fine administrator, and in a district the size of Calexico's there's no way he could have gotten that reputation without a dedicated and talented staff.

As for the board, its membership is among the best of elected officials. While we can't always say the most qualified get elected to boards around the Imperial Valley, or even in Calexico for that matter, we always feel good about the Calexico school board because the members have the children's best interests at heart and have always looked to go that extra mile in providing a quality education.

The Calexico school board consistently has the best group of trustee candidates. You know that's the case when both those who get elected and those who don't are of the highest caliber.

No matter what happens in the next 10 years in Calexico, we're quite certain the city's student populations will be more than adequately taken care of, as long as Calexico school district officials are still on the case.

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