Voice: Maybe leaving the Salton Sea alone is the answer

December 19, 2001

Sometimes I feel they should forget about all this help to save the Salton Sea.

This is why. I came here in 1966 and one of the first things I heard was in one year there wouldn't be one fish alive in the Salton Sea.

Fact No. 1 — there are more fish in the Salton Sea now than there were then.

Fact No. 2 — any saltwater will have fish die-offs.

I once lived on Tampa Bay in Florida, which is a part of the Gulf of Mexico. We had fish die-offs so bad our throats were burning and they were hauling fish away in huge dump trucks.

It has been almost 30 years since I was told in one year there would be no more fish in the Salton Sea. Maybe the sea can do better on its own.


Let's just leave it alone. Oh yes, lots of fish yet in Tampa Bay.


Salton City

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