PROBE: Dec. 21, 2001

December 21, 2001

GIVE US AN "O" — I am not Arabic but I think Fox News is right when it spells bin Laden's first name Usama with a U. I once lived in Alexandria, Egypt, so I am familiar with the Arabic language. There is no "O" in the Arabic alphabet. The closest sound is a U. Why don't you call Abdel Salem? He could tell you the correct spelling. — Linguist, Calexico

Salem was in Sacramento when we called so we called Abraham Reisin, owner of the Tienda del Army in Calexico.

The spelling or pronunciation of Osama bin Laden's first name "can go either way," he said.

"It depends on where you live. It's like the English word, ‘either.' Some people say ‘ee-ther' and some say ‘eye-ther,'" Reisin said.

By the way, we had another call on our voice mail from somebody wanting to comment on the spelling of bin Laden's name. The caller left a Calexico phone number so we are assuming it was not bin Laden calling from Pakistan to complain.


We are not ruling that out. People get mad when you misspell their names.

CLASS OF 1948 — The Holtville High School class of 1948 will hold its reunion again during the Holtville Carrot Festival (Feb. 2). We will have dinner at Brunner's Restaurant in El Centro. If you want to come, call Marie Crabtree or Donna Cartee at 356-1315. — Getting Together, Holtville

The class of '48 may be running this reunion thing into the ground. This will be your third reunion since 1998. Oh well, at your age, you can't postpone things too long. Have fun.

A MISSING WHEEL — I need your help. I made a ship's wheel that we used on the Pioneers Memorial Hospital's Cattle Call float. Although the wheel was bolted to the float with two bolts, thieves managed to unbolt it and take it away.

The wheel was really nice and probably worth a few hundred dollars. It had a special meaning for me because my father helped me make it.

Would you ask your readers to keep an eye out for my ship's wheel? If they see it they can call me at 351-3508. — Unwheeled, Brawley

OK, PROBE readers, if you see a ship wheel, that's probably the one. You don't see many ship wheels in the desert.

HELP FOR LEUKEMIA VICTIM — At the American Cancer Society we have a program to help cancer patients with transportation to San Diego for treatment. We would be happy to help the little girl with leukemia. — Cancer Society, El Centro

Thank you. If you need help getting to San Diego for cancer treatments, call Victor Torres at 352-6660.

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