City urged not to OK development

December 21, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — On staff recommendation, the Planning Commission here passed a resolution that asks the City Council to reject a 324-acre development plan submitted by an El Centro consulting firm.

That firm, Development Design and Engineering, mapped out plans for the construction of new homes, an industrial park and a mobile home/RV park on the land.

The projects would be built on three parcels near the intersection of Cole and Bowker roads. The parcels are owned by landowners calling themselves the Bravo Partners.

During a special commission meeting Thursday, the city's development consultant, Brian Mooney of San Diego, told the commission that there could be negative consequences if the City Council were to approve the plans as submitted by the El Centro firm.


By a 3-2 vote, the commission passed a resolution to recommend denial of the application as submitted.

Mooney said the application, as written by the manager of the El Centro firm, Tom DuBose, did not contain building guidelines for two of the projects the landowners said they were going to construct.

Mooney provided an example. He said if the City Council decided to ignore the commission's resolution and approve annexing the land without placing conditions on that land's future use, the landowners could decide to sell the land to developers who could build substandard projects without city oversight.

For that reason, Mooney recommended approving a detailed housing plan by Clint Hale of Hale Engineering of San Diego and a revised version of Du Bose's work.

Hale's firm sketched out plans for 80 acres of homes to be built on land owned by the Dr. Horacio and Sandra Rodiles family. Their parcel abuts the parcels owned by the Bravo Partners.

Under the scenario recommended by Mooney, the City Council would approve the plans for the Rodiles project and the plans for acreage of housing to the south mapped out by DuBose.

All of the more than 500 homes planned for that acreage would be built on 6,000-square- foot lots and there would be a 13- or 15-acre park in the center of the development. The homes would be built on the southwest corner of Cole and Bowker roads.

On the Rodiles parcel facing Cole Road, there would be a gas station, a few commercial spaces and an apartment building.

The proposed site of the mobile home/RV park — across Cole Road, opposite the apartments and the gas station — would be designed for single- family homes under the revised plans.

The commission passed a resolution by a 3-2 vote that asked the City Council to approve the revised application minus the industrial park and mobile home/RV park.

Commissioner Richard Romero said he has no idea what the City Council is going to do with the commission's recommendations.

"That's a tough one," he said after the meeting.

DuBose was asked if he thinks the City Council will approve the commission's recommendations.

"I hope not!" he said and laughed.

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