Voice: Locals in Argentina say they are fine, tell story of uprising

December 23, 2001

We would like to take this opportunity and thank everybody who has expressed their concerns in their hearts by calling our mothers and inquiring about our welfare in Argentina.

Recently the people of Argentina spontaneously voiced their anguish and suffering, which unfortunately resulted in pandemonium and chaos.

It began by the innocent and unorganized banging of pots and pans that echoed throughout the city. As the night wore on they gathered in front of the symbolic center of Argentina's government house, La Casa Rosada.

As protesters banged and chanted their pain and anguish, the government took action and tried to disperse the crowd by utilizing tear gas and rubber bullets. The repressive measures taken by the police force only ignited their furry, and violence and fire engulfed buildings in the downtown area.

As a result of the endless violence a domino effect took place by government officials resigning one by one.


Yet this did not quell nor curb the violence, until the president formally announced his resignation.

This was a apocalyptic experience that has bestowed humility upon us to an immeasurable degree.

As Argentina is suffering and undergoing drastic changes throughout the country, we ask for your prayers. Once again we would like to thank those who expressed their love and concern and to wish everybody a merry Christmas.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

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