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Voice: Tolerance fine but should not affect national security

December 23, 2001

As a recent subscriber to the Imperial Valley Press, maybe I have missed some issues in which this story was written.

The story I am referring to regards the college student held in connection to the New York World Trade Center bombings, the one who personally knew two of the suicide bombers, whose phone number was listed in a car rented by them, and who lied under oath, saying he had no knowledge of them, only later to be discovered as having written the names of the hijackers in the margins of an English exam (taken at Grossmont College) and discovered by his English professors.

Am I being paranoid? But isn't San Diego the next county over from us? And these hijackers were in San Diego just prior to the New York attacks, attending a mosque there?

I did get the opportunity to read the article about Islam where a function was held to explain the Islam religion, dispelling myths and answering questions, the one that warned against unreasonable searches, and was held in connection with San Diego State University-Imperial Valley College campus. Is that correct?


And I read the article last week about the poor doctor who feels that his life is changed drastically because he just happened to be asked by two men outside a restaurant one day if he believed in God. (Is this really drastic?)

Tolerance is one thing that the American people have done a very good job at during this crisis. But please, don't we need to be a little cautious in regard to national security? San Diego was pretty close to home. I don't think we should jeopardize our safety by relaxing our vigilance. If our Islamic Americans wish to be of some assistance, they should willingly submit to anything that will keep our American freedom safe and secure.

P.S. — Judge sets bail for detained Jordanian-born student, dated Nov. 28, San Diego student pleads innocent to perjury, dated Nov. 5. Student indicted for making false statements, dated Nov. 1, Detainee heading to California to face charges, dated Oct. 26, 2001. Man charged with lying about knowing suspects, dated Oct. 19.


Salton City

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