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Voice: Don't turn down the best gift

December 26, 2001

Think of a person who has received a gift from you. Now imagine that individual not opening that gift.

How would you feel? You probably would be hurt or offended because your gift was put to the side and left untouched.

Well, that is the same way most of us have responded to God's gift. Did you know that God has given us a Christmas gift? But maybe some of us have never heard of or unwrapped that gift.

When we think of Christmas we may be busy thinking on the type of gift to give to someone. After the gift is presented to the individual, the item may not last for a long period of time. After a while the piece of clothing may get too small or large for a person. A toy given to a child may break and yet other gifts may wear out, such as a pair of shoes.


Yet there is one gift that is never too large or small, is not breakable and will never wear out. That is God's gift.

Imagine, God loved us so much that His gift to us was that of His Son Jesus, which is the reason we celebrate Christmas. Yet some of us may put that gift to the side and never open it.

In order to receive God's Christmas gift all we have to do is unwrap the gift, open our heart and accept the gift of Jesus in our lives.


El Centro

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