PROBE: Dec. 27, 2001

December 27, 2001

QUESTION: Do you think you could create one more Christmas miracle? I need one. When I couldn't pay my $1,000 electric bill a few years ago, I moved in with my boyfriend. That didn't work out so I moved in with my brother. Now my brother is leaving the Valley so I have to get my own place.

The Imperial Irrigation District will not turn on the electricity unless I put up $500. I can't get $500. The most I can pull together is $300. Then I have to pay $100 every pay period until its paid off. Can you help me?

I have three children and we have to have a place to stay and we have to have electricity. — Unplugged, El Centro

You do need a miracle, but $500 miracles are hard to arrange. IID said you owe an old bill of $1,014. To turn on the power, it wants a $200 deposit, plus $300 to reduce the old account.


IID spokeswoman Sue Giller said the IID credit department would not budge from that position. To give you a further break would not be fair to consumers who have been paying their bills.

"She has proven she is not a good credit risk, so why should we allow her to run up a still bigger bill?" asked Giller.

IID has a better chance of collecting the old debt if it restores your power than if it refuses to hook up power for you.

A POCKET KNIFE — I just got back from Mexicali. When I crossed the border I had to go through a metal detector. It picked up the Buck knife I have carrying in my pocket for 40 years. They confiscated my knife because the blade was longer than 2 inches. Please warn your readers that if they go into Mexico, they should leave their knives at home. — Unarmed, El Centro

Thank you.

A PIT BULL PUPPY — I may have one of the pit bull puppies you wrote about in PROBE. A pit bull mix puppy, about 2 months old, showed up at my house three weeks ago. She's adorable and I would keep her but I have too many dogs.

She's gold, the color of a golden Labrador retriever. She has green eyes and her paws are tipped with white. She has a white spot under her chin. — Puppy rescuer, El Centro

The dogs we wrote about are white with brown spots.

Your puppy sounds like a pit bull/Labrador cross. That's a great combination. The best dog we ever had was a pit bull mixed with a black Labrador retriever.

They breed those crosses in the mountains around Salinas to get a dog with the tenacity of a pit bull and the strength of a Lab.

They'll tell you they breed the animals to hunt javelina, or wild pigs. Insiders say the dogs are bred to fight. In that area dog fights are a popular but illegal activity.

If you lost or want the puppy, call Dee at 352-1207.

QUESTION: I don't have cable but twice recently I have arrived home to find cable guys in my back yard. I tell them to stay out of my yard. One of the guys said they have the right to come into my yard because the cable company has an easement. Is that true? If so, how can I keep them out of my yard? — Dish-connected, Imperial

Get a big mean dog. Just be aware you may have some liability if the dog bites a cable guy, any other employees of a utility that may have an easement to install or service lines in your yard, or anybody else!

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