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Outdoor report: Deer hunting results in

December 28, 2001|By AL KALIN, Staff columnist

Our local deer season proved to be as successful as last year. A total of 55 deer were reported taken. The largest deer was bagged in the northeastern part of our county. His rack measured 29 inches wide and biologists estimated he was 6 years old. Ample rainfall has ended the multi-year drought and deer are now scattered throughout their whole range.

W.C. Wittenberg of Imperial reported bagging his first deer in area D-12 opening morning. He had twisted his knee badly during bow season so he drove to his favorite spot, west of Palo Verde, in his four-wheel drive vehicle. After parking he hobbled 20 yards, with rifle and folding chair, and sat down to wait. Twenty minutes after sunup a herd of 30 deer passed in front of him and he bagged a nice buck with three points on each side.

Duck hunting success at the three state and federal shooting areas dropped last week. Thirty-nine hunters bagged 22 ducks for a .56 bird average at Finney-Ramer. Last year during the same time hunters averaged .58 birds each.


At the federal hunting area at Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge 111 hunters bagged 51 ducks and 55 snow geese last week for a .95 bird average. Last year at the same time hunters averaged 2.38 birds each.

At Wister 445 hunters shot 256 waterfowl consisting of 201 ducks and 55 snow geese for a .57 bird average. Last year hunters bagged 123 geese during the same period, and with ducks added, averaged 1.10 birds per hunter.

Low goose takes are thought to be the result of ample feed at Unit One near Westmorland. Snow and Ross geese are not traveling between the four areas like they did last year so fewer birds are available to hunt in the state and federal shooting areas.

Small numbers of corvina are continuing to be caught on the Salton Sea by fishermen trolling Thin-fins and soft plastic lures.

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