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Voice: How we got where we are

December 29, 2001

For 30 years I could not figure out the American Civil Liberties Union. Sometimes they were on the right side but most times they took the side of destruction of our country.

Then I read how after World War I the Bolsheviks had been astonished the middle class of the world had not revolted to overthrow their masters and install a wonderful communist workers' paradise.

They set up a think tank in Italy and spent years coming up with the reasons the proletariat of the world was so stupid. The reasons were religion, strong ethnic or national sentiments and strong family ties. So they set out trying to destroy these forces.

In Italy about 1933-34 they instituted sex education. Italy being mostly Catholic it soon disappeared.

Eventually the ACLU was formed by Roger Baldwin, who was a communist, and the rest is the history of the destruction of our American culture.


This is why schools for 30 years have not had to say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing patriotic or even historical songs that had been a part of the educational system since the beginning.

Most of the damage done happened in the 1950s and ‘60s when Earl Warren was Supreme Court chief justice. I remember driving by the capital in Sacramento when I was about 5 years old and my dad going into a cussing tirade about Earl Warren. I had never seem him so.

It impressed the name upon my memory. Warren had been a politician like Bill Clinton. Warren had been governor and was attorney general. He made a deal with the power brokers that if he could deliver the California vote to Eisenhower instead of Taft, Ike would appoint him to the Supreme Court. Well, Warren delivered at the convention and became chief justice after Justice Vinson had a convenient heart attack. So every piece of family-damaging lawsuit or anti-constitutional legislation got a thumbs up.

In 1969 the Warren court ruled on Tinker vs. Des Moines school district that said the school could not make kids cut their hair or have a dress code. I was having lunch outside with some kids on my college campus when it it was announced. I turned to my friends and said, "This is the end of education — who will be running the schools, the kids or the teachers?"

He also via Madelyn Murray O'Hair gave us no prayer or Pledge of Allegiance at schools; and with the help of another communist, Dr. Spock, who said you should not spank your child or he will develop psychological problems. This has helped destroy the family, education and society. Ninety-eight percent of all intractable juvenile delinquents were not spanked as children.

We have sex education in schools so it is an easy topic of conversation among a coed group. Did we need youngsters to think more about sex than they already do? We have birth control handed out at will yet it has done little to decrease disease or pregnancy. If it doesn't work, why does it continue? Because it destroys the family.

A young girl can get pregnant and reject her parents and get an apartment and car and have the birth, all paid for by us. That this defies logic is the tip-off that is was planned and pushed.

It is sad that the Pledge of Allegiance is now encouraged in some schools came back as a result of the disaster in New York.

I use communist as a euphemism for controller or maker of chaos. A communist is really a person being used by the world elite (plutocrat-banker-oil-rich) to destroy freedom. Communism was supposed to protect the poor from the ultra-rich but was a betrayal because communism in many instances is controlled by the ultra-rich. Plutocrats like to control their opposition.


El Centro

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