Voice: Why the long, ridiculous gun laws in two states?

December 31, 2001

The Declaration of Independence is some five pages long. The Constitution is about 12 pages long. The "Lawful Citizen Firearm Possession Prohibition Infringement Statute" of Massachusetts is over 60 pages long!

Now remember, this Massachusetts law does not address the criminal misuse of firearms. It only restricts what lawful Americans are able to do to just possess a firearm! This law is so corrupt that if you have in your possession, an empty shell casing or even a souvenir lead muzzle-loading bullet from the Revolutionary or Civil War, you will be arrested for possessing ammunition without a license!

But then there is always California law and I realize Massachusetts ain't the only corrupted state that burdens lawful Americans to possess firearms based upon the actions of criminals. How many pages are required to contain the "California Lawful Citizens Firearm Restriction" law?

So a new unsecured database of lawful gun owners in California has been signed into law by Gov. Davis, to be used as a check against those people who have become disqualified to possess firearms.


I guess like the unsecured Massachusetts' gun owners' list, the unsecured California gun owners' list will be made available to Interpol, which in turn will lead to the theft of identity of those gun owners, who will see the identity thieves get out of jail sooner than they can get their financial "health" back into place.

"Hi, I'm from the Democrat Party and I'm here to help you!"

Why was Dianne Feinstein able to carry a "Saturday night assault weapon" around as a public servant to defend herself but lawful Americans, who people like Dianne Feinstein are sworn to serve, cannot? Are the "public servants," more important than the sovereign American citizens?

The greatest number of deaths in America, some 500,000 plus, were caused by the Democrat Party "public servants" of 11 Southern state, when they proclaimed in their presidential party platforms that they should have the freedom to keep Negroes as slaves. Remember, too, that it was the actions of "public servants" like Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer who started the Civil War, for no article of separation from the union, was ever voted on by the people of those 11 Democrat-controlled Southern states.

The Democrat politicians not only enslaved Negroes but the very people they were elected to serve. This is why by law, only those who took up arms against the union had to swear an oath of allegiance after the war, for the people of those Democrat-controlled states never voted to secede from the union! Their Democrat "masters" never let them because they thought the people were just too stupid to make the right choice. See: Bush-Gore election of 2000 in Florida.

Never trust those public servants who want to enslave you into safety, for it has never been done in all of recorded human history. But don't believe me, believe him …

"Those who would surrender essential liberties to obtain temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety, or "Make yourselves into sheep and the wolves will eat you," by Bostonian B. Franklin.

Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year.


Stoughton, Mass.

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