Probe: Jan. 3, 2002

January 03, 2002

QUESTION: I am one of the paramedics who went to the Seeley fire where a mother and her three children were critically burned.

It was a modest home and everything they owned went up in smoke. They escaped with only the clothes on their backs. Along with everything else, they lost the kids Christmas toys.

One little guy, a 5-year-old boy, got out wearing nothing but his underwear and a dinosaur T-shirt.

Treating him, I had to cut away his T-shirt. He objected, saying, "Don't cut my dinosaur shirt I got for Christmas."

I told him I had to cut the shirt but I would get him another one. I believe his mother said the shirt came from Toys R Us in Calexico.


They're going to need a lot of help to start over. The kids were not worrying about furniture or pots and pans. They were thinking about the toys they had had only a week. The 9-year-old mourned his new scooter.

I called several big chain stores to see if we could get some clothes and toys for them. Most managers said they would pass on the request to their corporate headquarters. An exception was Kaybee's. The manager said the store would donate a toy to each child. — Paramedic, El Centro

OK, readers, if you want to help, call Richard Gillies at Gold Cross Ambulance Service at 352-3293 or you can reach Gillies at 353-1027.

The mother, Rebecca Juarez, 40, and her three boys were taken to the University of California San Diego Medical Center burn center with critical injuries.

QUESTION: Traditionally the first baby born at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley receives a lot of presents. This year the young parents of the infant didn't get anything. If there ever was a little family who could use some help, it was this one. Can you find out what happened? — A Friend, El Centro

Somebody dropped the ball, said Clyde Carson, Pioneers director of patient relations. He promised a full "bundle of love" — diapers, formula, clothes and other gifts — will be delivered to the infant's home in Imperial by the end of the week.

The family should have received the gifts before they left the hospital, he said. Speaking of diapers….

SOME USEFUL PUPPY TIPS — We hope you didn't take your commitment lightly when you adopted that homeless puppy. Here are a few pamphlets to help you. — Animal Lover, El Centro

Good heavens! We have to get that dog to the vet! He may be suffering from heartworm, giardia, distemper, parainfluenza, paravirus, lepto and bad teeth. It says here dental problems can lead to periodontal disease, heart trouble and bad breath. Is there a puppy dentist around here? Maybe we can get Snoop Doggy on our health insurance.

We know we asked PROBE readers for help but we wanted help in toilet training. In the meantime, we have an idea that could make a bright entrepreneur a millionaire. How about disposable Pampers for puppies?

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