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Corvina take off while water fowl fizzles

January 04, 2002|By AL KALIN

Staff Columnist

The best news this week is corvina are starting to bite. Fishermen launching from Johnson's Landing in Salton City have been taking good numbers of corvina, including limits, from the west side of the Salton Sea. The best action has come on trolled Thin-Fin lures around the Navy base in 6 to 10 feet of water.

Salton Sea fishing guide Ray Garnett reported having the best success using a red and silver version of the Thin-Fin to catch fish. Other fishermen have been catching corvina by throwing swim baits in the area.

On Monday morning a group of fishermen launched from Red Hill Marina and fished the target off the old Navy pier seven miles west of Red Hill Marina. Tossing swim baits, they returned by mid-afternoon with full limits of corvina ranging up to 20 pounds according to Red Hill Marina resident ranger Merrill Inglis. For more up to date information contact Inglis at 348-2310.


Duck hunting success at Finney-Ramer dropped to a dismal .15 average per hunter. Actually, only two ducks were taken and both were ruddy ducks. Ruddy ducks are just about as low on the chain as mudhens.

At the federal hunting area at Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge, 126 hunters bagged 126 ducks and 20 snow geese last week for a 1.16 bird average.

Hunting was slightly improved this week at Wister as 556 hunters shot 470 ducks and 15 white geese for a .87 bird average.

Limits of white geese were taken on private hunting areas surrounding Unit One near Westmorland. Snow and Ross geese still have sufficient feed at Unit One and are not leaving to travel to the other state and federal shooting areas.

Overall, waterfowl hunting this year is the worst it has ever been.

Don't forget to buy a new 2002 fishing license before you go fishing. It can cost you over $600 in fines if you forget.

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