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Voice: Supes should address field burning before power plants

January 04, 2002

I for one have to agree with Andres Gonzalez from Brawley for his letter on Jan. 1. The Board of Supervisors is beating their chest on air pollution from the Mexico power plants, causing bad air in Imperial Valley.

I spent five days in the hospital over Christmas with breathing trouble. Whenever the farmers start burning fields is when I start having troubles. I can expect to have to go to the hospital.

I wish the supervisors and the air quality control would check the hospital admissions for the number of people admitted with breathing problems on the days the farmers fill these towns with smoke and ash, instead of worrying about Mexico pollution.

I know it is an old law that these farmers burn by. It is cheap. It just takes a little of their time and the matches are free.


I say to the farmers, let's get up the 2002 standards and stop burning and polluting the non-farmers' air.

I have never understood why such a handful of individuals was so insensitive to rights of the citizens of Imperial Valley to clean air. Maybe it is time for a change. Elect new supervisors who are not third-generation farmers! You will also waste you time e-mailing them. They won't answer.



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