Voice: Renison states his goals for Calexico

January 05, 2002

I want to take this opportunity to update my constituencies on what I feel will be key issues facing the city in the months ahead.

The Calexico City Council has taken an aggressive stance on attracting new, needed jobs to our community in the industrial sector. In the coming weeks, several meetings will be held with key prospects for serious investment in our community. This will be a key element to the successful economic development of our city.

In this manner, reliance on retail can be minimized and the diversity of our economic base can be accomplished. Due diligence will have to be done for every proposal so our enticement packages are fair and equitable to every prospect.

The further development of the city's eastern fringe (Bravo/Rodiles) will be a key area to the future of our area. This will involve serious and diligent negotiations with the developers to ensure our city of planned growth we need and deserve. The housing boom we are experiencing will place a burden on our service structure, but we are prepared for that. We must prepare, however, for any further developments that will impact the supplying of water, sewer, police and fire services by negotiating appropriate fees from developers.


The Calexico International Center project at the city's northwestern fringe should become a reality within 24 to 36 months This mixed use commercial/industrial project at the corner of Jasper Road and Highway 111 will provide a new hotel complex. Also included will be an RV park with a nine-hole golf facility. This will be the linchpin for attracting "snowbirds who can provide a much-needed winter boost to the economy. The area just north of the Calexico 10 Theatres will be developed with further food and entertainment services.

The Calexico Hospital issue must be seriously addressed by city leadership. It is a well-known fact that the current physical plant will probably serve as a future after-hours urgent-care clinic. That is not the coverage we need in the long term. I am proposing we accept proposals for application of federal, state and private funding to spark interest in our community for a full-service 24-hour hospital. An important ingredient to this will be the donation of appropriate acreage somewhere within our city limits.

It is my hope there soon will be good news regarding the New River piping project. The moneys spent for feasibility studies are a risk. However, it is my feeling the possibility exists that closure will come to proposals prepared by R.W. Beck within the next several weeks. Let us all hope we will be able to actually develop the entire river area that runs through our city, putting our citizens at serious health risk.

Our parks and recreation facilities will need a serious facelift in the coming months. The council is entertaining ideas in this area. A proposal exists to construct a new "community center" that will serve the entire city as a multi-use facility with civic offices and meeting rooms. A study will be needed to establish the feasibility for a skateboard facility on the eastern side of town. The success of the newly inaugurated Nosotros Park has demonstrated a continuing need for updated and new facilities for sports and recreation.

The gymnasium under construction at De Anza Junior High School is a joint city/schools venture that the entire city can be proud of. The proposed completion date is late summer 2002. This will greatly increase the usable facilities for sports year-round.

Let me finally thank the citizens of Calexico for their valuable input and attendance at City Council meetings. The suggestions and ideas of our citizens will continue to be imperative for the proper and successful progress of our city.


Mayor pro tem


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