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Voice: Bush using his popularity to help his corporate buddies

January 05, 2002

There goes 2001. Personally I had a good one, but nationally the 9/11 tragedy saddened us all but brought the country's patriotism and generosity to life.

Our not-so-traveled, hands-off-other-countries President Bush was pushed into being a formidable international leader.

Yes, the president is enjoying his popularity and hoping ordinary people won't notice how he is trying to sneak in favors for his rich corporate sponsors.

In a recent bill that was defeated there was over $240 million in aid for Enron. What happened to his compassionate conservatism for the poor workers of Enron?

Why was there such a fight to stop spending "too much money" for the security of airports and other public places? Well, us ordinary people don't have any paid lobbyists, that's why?


In retrospect, if one looks at the 9/11 tragedy, it was like a blessing in disguise for the Afghanis. They are getting their freedom. It's so wonderful to see them smiling again.

It's about time, as Bill Maher said in his last show of this year, we stop making the selfish statement "God Bless America." Why not God bless everyone on this earth with prosperity? Just maybe we may have fewer people hating us.

All the aid that goes to those non-Democratic Muslim countries, if well used in creating jobs, then maybe there would be less impoverished people attracted to these radical Muslim groups who offer them food and shelter but brainwash them into hating the U.S.A.


El Centro

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