County clerk announces new voting precincts

January 05, 2002|STAFF REPORT

Dolores Provencio, Imperial County clerk/recorder/registrar of voters, announced there will be more precincts in Imperial County.

After redistricting, the county Board of Supervisors adopted new boundaries that resulted in some voters being represented by a different supervisor. This meant new voting districts for voters.

The elections official, by law, establishes precincts within all voting jurisdictions and the registrar of voters took the opportunity to establish the new precincts for jurisdictions that vote on similar issues.

Establishing the precincts will help reduce the cost of printing different ballots since fewer ballots will have to be printed for some of the new precincts.


This change will eliminate some of the pressure poll workers experienced when issuing various ballot types. This change also will reduce the time it takes to process ballots on election night. The new precincts will be effective for the March primary election.

Previously there were 76 precincts in the county, 10 of which were mail precincts; now there are 146 precincts, of which 70 are mail precincts.

The number of polling places will remain the same. However, some polling locations will support two precincts. The average number of voters to a precinct has been reduced to an average of 538 voters per precinct and in mail precincts to an average of 70 voters per mail precinct.

Voters who are now in mail precincts will not need to apply for a ballot. An absentee ballot, complete with voting instructions, will automatically be mailed to the mailing address on the voter registration card. Voters in mail precincts will no longer go to a polling place to vote.

The voter will receive an absentee ballot in the mail, vote in the privacy of the home and return the voted ballot to the county Elections Office.

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