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Thank You: Thanks extended for youth equestrian program

January 05, 2002

There are times when you get a chance to do something to help kids. If those kids are lucky it really helps them. If they are especially fortunate the experience makes a lasting impression and helps them even in the future. Sometimes this happens but not often. There are times when someone does something for you just to help you out.

Usually you appreciate it and you thank the person. Sometimes you always remember that person or the experience because it leaves a lasting impression on you. Sometimes this happens but not often.

The unusual recently occurred when Rain Tree Quest Foundation made it possible for six high-risk youths to attend a six-week equestrian program.

This experience allowed these boys to experience something that will remain with them for life, for here they were responsible, hard workers, successful, intelligent and appreciated. The Kelley Adolescent Treatment Center would like to thank The Rain Tree Quest Foundation for its donation, which made this positive experience possible.


We would also like to thank Animals Plus & BMB Boarding for the outstanding job they did with our young men. We thank you for your time, effort, patience and faith in working with our young men.



(and other equestrian participants)

Volunteers of America

Kelley Adolescent

Treatment Center

El Centro

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