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Authors of "Four Souls" to speak today

January 05, 2002|STAFF REPORT

The world is a smaller place since Sept. 11 and Americans, alongside their renewed patriotism, are devouring information about lands and people that until recently seemed impossibly far away.

Receiving a boost from this newfound attention to global events, the world travelogue "Four Souls" (W Publishing Group), sold out its entire first printing within a month of its release in mid-September.

The book's authors — Matt Kronberg, Jedd Medefind, Mike Peterson and Trey Sklar — will be speaking locally at 9:30 this morning at Calvary Chapel Imperial Valley in El Centro, sharing tales from their journey and imagery of life beyond America's borders.

Through the tales of a seven-month odyssey around the globe, "Four Souls" provides a view of people and places many Americans have only dreamed of — Muslim madrasse in Bangladesh, Guatemala's highlands, Russia's frozen north and the mountains of South Africa, Nepal's Himalayas, rural Vietnam and other rarely traveled lands.


Co-author Mike Peterson, who grew up riding the waves off Orange County's coastline, said, "Aside from wanting to create an exciting read, we wrote ‘Four Souls' to spur Americans to re-examine their own lives, faith and definitions of success. It's remarkable how much more open people are to those things and to learning about the world post-Sept. 11."

Added co-author Jedd Medefind, chief of staff for Assemblyman Tim Leslie: "The current situation has given Americans a powerful sense that our lives can be profoundly impacted by the wider world. There is so much to learn both about and from people around the globe."

From hurricanes in Central America and race riots in South Africa to Islamic zealots in the Middle East and contraband smuggling in Vietnam, the four travelers returned home with a lifetime supply of gripping tales.

Co-author Trey Sklar, who works in the telecommunications industry in Santa Barbara, stated, "We set out thrilled about the adventures we would have. What really stuck with us, though, were the realities of human existence in the wider world and a powerful sense that full, purposeful living isn't found in adventure-seeking so much as in seeking to live out faith and love in the midst of even the most ordinary moments of everyday life."

Over the coming months the four authors will be speaking across the United States in universities, schools, churches and other locations.

Their hope, co-author Matt Kronberg explained, is to do more than educate about international conflicts and events.

"Life can be so much fuller when we give ourselves to understanding and then serving our world. Knowledge is only the foundation. Acting on what we learn is also vital. We hope that both our book and our talks can spur people to live with renewed purpose," he said.

Calvary Chapel meets at Sunflower Elementary School, 2450 W. Main St., El Centro.

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