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Voice: If no one will step up, then the wrong people were at the party

January 05, 2002

My heart saddened deeply as I read the story of the senseless slaying of Jesse Garcia III in Brawley.

Parents are not made to bury their children, and having children of my own, I feel the pain and agony of the mourning parents.

What is very baffling, however, is that it appears no one is willing to cooperate with the police in fingering the assailants.

Mrs. Rodriguez, if your invitees are not willing to cooperate, you invited the wrong people to your party. They are certainly not your or your son's friends. If six persons crashed your residence, surely at least someone knew one of them.


Fear is a great motivator and is used very effectively by the so-called gang members, who are nothing but a bunch of cowards and a poor excuse for human beings.

They are only brave when they can attack in groups like a pack of savage, disgusting hyenas. By themselves, they are not worth a piece of crap.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but much harsher is the loss of an innocent young man who was not part of the stupid Brawley gang system.

Sooner or later, the six will be caught and they will spend the rest of their lives in a 6 by 9 concrete cell where they belong. It could be sooner if those who know the attackers would come forward.

Disgusted ….



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