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Our Opinion: Your blood is needed

January 07, 2002

Now that the holidays are over, now that you have given monetary donations, or canned goods or even clothing to help those in need, now it is time to give of yourself a little more.

The Imperial Valley needs blood. As a result of holiday weekends when crowds filled the local sand dunes, our local blood supplies have been tapped. According to Imperial Valley Blood Services, there is a critical need to replenish supplies of all blood types. It is a necessity.

We urge people to give blood. It is a simple task, one that calls for taking just a little time out of the day to give a little bit of that precious source of life — and lives do depend on what you give.

Right now, a Seeley mother and three of her children are in the University of California San Diego Medical Center burn unit after their Christmas tree ignited on New Year's Day. The family members need blood and plasma to recover from the burns.


Without necessary blood supplies the medical needs of critical patients cannot be met. That is something we, the people of the Imperial Valley, cannot allow to happen.

Time and again the people of the Valley have proven they are willing to do everything it takes to help others. We prove every day we do not live in a community where people care only about themselves. We help our own and we need to continue doing so. Giving blood is a key way to make a difference.

If you have not given blood, we urge you to make it your New Year's resolution that you will give what you can. You can start this week. Imperial Valley Blood Services will have a blood drive Wednesday through Friday at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley. The drive will be from 1 to 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon Friday.

If you cannot make it at those times, then keep watching for articles in this newspaper on upcoming blood drives. There will be more blood drives throughout the year. You can contact Imperial Valley Blood Services at 353-3554.

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