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LETTERS: To the parents of Calexico girls hoops

January 07, 2002

I am all for parental support of their child's school activities. I also have no problem with closed practices or tryouts. What I do find a little bizarre are chains and locks on the gates during those practices or tryouts. This is just one of a few actions that have been questioned, yet no answer has been offered.

Somehow I don't believe the parents are upset over their child's participation in the summer league program. However, I feel they are upset over how their girls have been treated because they decided to play on a traveling team.

I understand that as far as Valley schools go, Calexico High School has a relatively small turnout for girls basketball. What I do find hard to believe is that between the two junior highs and the returning players already at Calexico High School, there weren't more than five girls willing to play during the summer league session.


To say that your whole summer league program rests on the shoulders of five girls (only five girls from Calexico played on the traveling team), one of whom was deemed not "skilled enough to play varsity," is a statement that leads me to believe that the program is in trouble whether these girls play or not.

I also find it hard to believe that a player who has been in the Calexico program for three years did not make the varsity team her senior year.

Yes, there was a compromise, and the girls met that compromise. There was a tournament in San Diego. The girls played in the NJB San Diego Classic Aug. 18 and 19, well after summer league had ended.

So to say that summer league was canceled because the girls decided to play in this tournament is absurd. The decision to cancel the summer league games rests solely upon the coach, not the players.

I am not questioning the respect that you have for the coach and her staff. What I am questioning are some of the actions of the coach and staff and the reasons behind those actions.

I find it odd that Mrs. Carrillo and Mrs. Beltran and other past, current and future parents know the reasons behind one player being deemed not skilled enough, yet the parents of that player who have tried to meet with the coach, unsuccessfully, have received no answer.

Now as for what goes on during practice, no one outside of the team really knows. But if you have to lock the gates, then what are you trying to hide?


El Centro

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