Voice: Evidence points to Islam not being a religion of peace

January 08, 2002

We keep hearing about how Islam is a religion of peace. The vast majority of those Muslims I have met in this country would lead me to believe this is the case. Unfortunately, the track record of Islam in the world is extremely poor.

I happen to have been in the Old City of Jerusalem with a U.S. military group from Germany on the last Sabbat of Ramadan when a huge crowd of men came down off Temple Mount where they had been worshipping at the third holiest site in Islam. We got stuck in the teaming mass of observant Muslims and, as we were among them, five to six of the women in our group were groped. A 14-year-old girl was groped so much that she needed a year of counseling to deal with the post-traumatic stress that was caused.

I've never heard that a similar thing has happened when men have come out of a large Christian gathering. Of course, in Muslim countries the times of the greatest rioting is frequently associated with when men are coming out of mosques — quite a contrast to the behavior of people coming out of churches. That is normally when they are on their best behavior and it takes awhile before they might give in to their baser tendencies.


According to Freedom House, an organization that monitors political and civil rights in all countries of the world, Muslim countries have a deplorable record on human rights. Of those countries with at least 70 percent Muslim population, 26 are considered not free and 13 are partly free. Only two are free, meaning they protect political and civil rights as defined by the United Nations declaration of human rights.

Saudi Arabia beheads anyone who converts away from Islam.

In Pakistan some Muslims who are in a position to gain accuse Christians of blasphemy against the Prophet and some are imprisoned or killed. Judges too are threatened if they find them not guilty. So much for freedom of religion or speech.

In Somalia there is Muslim anarchy — incidentally, they killed or chased out the missionaries first.

In Nigeria much of the country is Christian and does not impose a theocratic government but in areas that are predominately Muslim there has been a push to establish Shia'a law. Under this law in some countries, anyone converting to another religion may be subject to a death penalty.

In Egypt young Christian girls have been kidnapped, raped and forced into marriage with Muslim men. The families have been told not to "push the issue" legally because the girl might be killed rather than returned and the police would hold the family responsible for her death since they "pushed the issue."

Only recently did Turkey allow any new Christian churches to start and that was only because of economics and its desire to be part of the European Economic Union.

Finally, one of the greatest tragedies perpetrated by Muslims has been the selling into slavery of tens of thousands of black African Christians and animists by Arab Muslims. This is still going on, folks!

Where is the public outcry for justice in the Muslim world on these issues? Where are the Muslim clerics? They seem to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Islam is a tolerant religion if you join them but Allah forbid if you don't in many countries. Islam started with the sword, and Mohammed was a warrior who shed a lot of other people's blood. Quite the contrast to a Christ who said to love your enemy and do good to those that spitefully use you and also died on a cross asking that God, the Father, would forgive his killers.


El Centro

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