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PROBE: Jan. 8, 2002

January 08, 2002

SECURITY CHECK AT SOCIAL SECURITY — When I went to the Social Security office Dec. 20 there was a security guard at the front door. He said he had to check my handbag. No problem.

When a woman and boy came in, he chatted with her but did not check her bag. Another woman came in with a big bag but he didn't check it.

As I watched, he checked everyone else. I went to the car to get a soda from my ice chest. When I returned he checked my bag again.

When a man and woman came in, he didn't check the bags.

My point is he should have checked every bag. We're talking safety here! — Double-Checked, Imperial

Nevertheless, we refuse to worry that a terrorist will strike the El Centro Social Security office, although we would not rule out a garden variety nut.


Ana Quinones, manager of the El Centro office, said since Sept. 11 every Social Security office in this country has security guards who check purses.

AN OLDER DOG — What you need is a well-behaved older dog to take your puppy in hand for things such as housebreaking. An old dog can teach old tricks to young dogs. Puppies watch older dogs to learn the ropes in areas such as doing their duty outside and they find they don't get in so much trouble. — Old Hand, Imperial

We think Snoop Doggy is getting there. Today we saw him chasing cats. Both kittens and dog seemed to know their roles.

When Snoop burst around the corner of the patio, the cats (really half-grown kittens) puffed up to twice their size, standing their ground, snarling, screeching, hissing and spitting. Four or five angry cats are a fearsome sight.

Snoop Doggy, hackles raised, ran right at them, barking, snapping and growling. It promised to be a real cat and dog fight.

The cats showed their teeth and snarled until the last second, then streaked away, across the patio, over the low wall, with the dog at their heels.

THANKS FOR HELP — Thank you for shaking loose the gifts for Bryan Paez, the first baby born in 2002 at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley. Due to an oversight, Bryan, son of Dania and Ernesto Paez of Imperial, didn't receive his gifts when he left the hospital.

Dania said someone came to her door Thursday carrying gifts, including 250 diapers, baby clothes and other things. She was so pleased and happy. Thank you. — Helper, El Centro

Thank you. It was Mary Shinn, manager of the Adolescent Family Life Program, who pointed out the oversight to us.

SHAGGY DOG STORY — Our 8-year-old dog, Max, disappeared New Year's Eve in the 400 block of 14th Street in Brawley.

It might have been the fireworks but … Max is a schnauzer-poodle mix. His left paw is crooked because it didn't heal right after it was broken. He's 8 years old and weighs 30 pounds. He's just a chubby little dark shaggy dog but we love him. — Max's Mom, Brawley

OK, readers, if you see Max, call us at 337-3448 or take Max home to 431 S. 14th St. in Brawley.

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