Voice: More law enforcement, not fewer people, key at dunes

January 10, 2002

First, I would like to say I am against limits of any kind at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

Just like you state that a ban on drinking would be impossible to enforce, so would a ban on the amount of people be impossible to enforce. If there was only one way in and out of Glamis the enforcement might be possible; but there are many areas in and out.

Also, if you set a limit of say, 200,000 people, who's to say you wouldn't get 50 non-violent "good people" and 199,950 violent people?

How did Glamis/ISDRA get to this point? Through the Bureau of Land Management's mismanagement of the sand dunes. Each year, it seems to me, the BLM forgets (on purpose?) that Halloween and Thanksgiving are going to be rowdy (they are the first long weekends at the ISDRA). More law enforcement officers, or LEOs, are needed on those holidays.


First and foremost, you, the Imperial Valley Press, must have a pre-season reminder to the powers that be that if they keep their "heads in the sand" the problem will persist.

My solutions: Have extra LEOs deployed on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day and Easter weekends. These are the four main trouble weekends.

You want fewer troublemakers to the ISDRA, not fewer visitors to the ISDRA. Advertise the plan for more LEOs on these weekends; let the word get out. Broadcast on the local radio stations as a public service announcement. Let all the Southern California and Arizona papers print the news: NO TROUBLEMAKERS ALLOWED. Then enforce all the rules on the books.

The crowds will thin, because with the threat of jail, and LEOs everywhere, would you risk going to a place you weren't wanted?

I know I am assuming that low-lifes and troublemakers read the papers or listen to the radio, but my plan if properly planned out and executed will work.



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