Director's Cut


January 10, 2002|By ALLISON MARTIN, Imperial County Film Commission

Hello fellow movie buffs!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a fun but not too fun New Year's.

I wish I had lots to report on in the way of filming in the Imperial Valley but I don't. During the holidays filming slows down, but never fear, a new year is here and filming will be booming again!

There was a small independent film called "Between Us" filmed in mid-December at the Salton Sea. It is a "Thelma and Louise"-type girl bonding movie.

Unfortunately, MTV did not come down in December like it had planned. However, MTV will be down sometime this month to do an episode of "Dismissed," the network's dating show.


It has been quiet around here for filming. Let's face it. There is no way they would have been able to film during the holidays at Glamis. It's crazy out there! FUN but crazy!

What events does the Imperial County Film Commission have coming up? The ICFC is planning a Winter WonderMan Bachelor Auction. That's right, a bachelor auction. The ICFC is looking for eligible bachelors age 21 and older. We want attorneys, doctors, those in law enforcement, business owners and more. If you are interested in having hundreds of women bid for you, contact me at 337-4155.

In the works is our second annual Spring Into Stardom talent show. We plan on making it bigger and better than last year. Keep your eyes open for more details.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has so graciously supported the Imperial County Film Commission this past year. From large contributions down to volunteering time, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

That's a wrap!

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