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Voice: Time to get third-generation farmers off prominent boards

January 11, 2002

"Don't punish farmers who have conserved water. Some farms will end up with a lot of water and some will end up short, and you certainly cannot farm here in the desert unless you have enough water. The plan will reward those who were sloppy with their water and penalize those who were careful. Don't punish farmers who have conserved water." (Quote Cox's letter to the editor of Jan. 6)

Mr. Cox, your answer to this problem is there. If a farmer has too much water allocated and another has too little, it would seem logical for the one that has too much water to sell his excess to the one who doesn't have enough. It should be sold at the rate it is really worth, somewhere over $200.

I don't think you have to be an engineer to figure that one out. But what can you expect when the farmers can't even understand fallowing.


It is time for the good old boys third-generation farmer county supervisors and Imperial Irrigation District directors to move over and put some professional people in there who know what the heck they are doing.

And quit wasting time on things that any one with a high school education should be able to understand. In Oklahoma we know what fallowing is and we don't pollute the air by burning fields. Maybe local farmers could learn something from Oklahoma.

(Sign me) An Oklahoma farmer in Holtville:



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