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Voice: Support, don't pick at, Calexico girls hoops program

January 12, 2002

Mr. White, you ask again the same question as to why the doors to the gym were locked for girls basketball tryouts at Calexico High.

As stated in an earlier letter it was done so to protect the prospective players and coaches from any confrontations and possible outside interference to the program. Plain and simple, it was done so in the best interest of the program. It was also done with the approval of the administration of Calexico High School. So I believe this question has been answered.

Mr. White, as stated in the previous letter, there were only three returning players from last year's varsity basketball team. Of these three girls, one plays volleyball and that takes priority since it is a fall sport, the other one was on this traveling team, so it only left one player and that does not make a team.

The coach depended on players from the J.V. level to fill the gap but as most kids in the summer, they had other things to do, such as holding down jobs that conflicted with the practice times, being out of town and yes, some were even on this traveling team that also played in Mexicali in the summer, which conflicted with the summer program at Calexico High School.


I understand from your limited experience in sports, as you stated in your first letter, you find it hard to believe a senior did not make the varsity squad. This senior understood the reason why. She even talked to the coach and respected her decision.

As for the dates of the tournament in San Diego, those dates, yes, were after the summer league program was over. What you failed to state was that this tournament was originally scheduled at a previous date that conflicted with the summer league schedule. So these players informed the coach they would not be there for four games, the first two weeks of the summer league and were not sure about future games.

Being that the turnout is low, the coach decided Calexico would not participate in the Valley schools summer league.

Again I must refer to your admittance on your limited experience with sports as to why you find it odd that others understand why a player is put on the J.V. level and not the varsity. The J.V. level stands for a feeder program to the varsity level. This is where players improve their skills and get more playing time. The parents of this player should know this since one of the parents was a previous basketball coach at a lower level for Calexico High School.

Mr. White, the parents were not allowed in during the tryout session only. They are more than welcome at practices as long as they do not interfere in what is going on. We all know from being parents that when we are around our children they are on their best behavior.

Mr. White, have you even bothered to contact the coaching staff and investigate what you are so concerned about? Are you a parent/relative of a player and this is where you are getting your information? Do you go and support the Calexico girls basketball program? If you did, you would know the program has been successful under the direction of the current coaching staff.

Even though as you state we have been plagued with problems, the team still has a winning record. They are 9-6 overall as of this writing and recently finished in second place in the Granite Hills Girls Basketball Tournament. It would be nice if you came out and supported the program and see for yourself firsthand what the program is about.

So let us put our differences aside and let the girls play ball without any more outside interference.



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