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PROBE: January 14, 2001

January 14, 2002

HELP FOR FIRE VICTIMS — At the Seeley school we have collected clothing, linens, dishes and toys for the Rebecca Juarez family, who lost everything in a fire New Year's Day. So far $800 in cash has been collected, much of it from teachers.

Local residents, students, the Calexico Lions Club and a judge also gave money.

Cash donations will be deposited in an account opened by Rebecca Juarez's family at Imperial Credit Union. The money will be used to help the family after it leaves the hospital.

It also will pay expenses in San Diego for Mrs. Juarez's 12-year-old son, the only family member not injured in the fire, when he visits his mother and three younger brothers in the San Diego hospital.

Those wishing to donate may send checks to the school at P.O. Box 868, Seeley, 92273, drop off donations at 1812 W. Rio Vista Drive or call the school at 352-3571. — Principal, Seeley


Thank you for bringing us up to date. The Juarez family will need a lot of help to get back on its feet after its members get out of the hospital. The mother and three of her four sons suffered serious burns when their Christmas tree burst into flames that rapidly enveloped the living room. The fourth son was not home at the time.

IT'S A BOY — I went to the doctor's office today and they let me see him. They gave me two more weeks to get my Medi-Cal approval. I had a sonogram and it showed my baby is a boy! Thanks for your help. — Expecting, Calexico

We don't know if we can top your news that you are expecting a boy. But you may not have a Medi-Cal problem.

Gary Andrews, a Department of Social Services program supervisor, said your first application was rejected because you failed to bring requested documents (your husband's check stubs).

After you brought the documents, you had to re-apply. That application has not been rejected. It just has not been "worked." Your caseworker has been on jury duty.

Andrews said another employee is working your file so you should be approved in a few days — and your doctor can breathe easy. He's getting paid.

LITTLE LOST DOG — Does your PROBE readers know the law requires people to try to find the owners of a dog they find — even if the dog just shows up in their yard?

My miniature pinscher has been missing since Jan. 4. She was wearing a collar with the name Beemer on it and my telephone number. I have reported her stolen.

Will you ask your PROBE readers to look for her? I will pay a generous reward for her return — or for a tip that leads to her return. No questions asked. — Desolate Dog Owner, El Centro

By generous, this owner says he means he will pay a reward in three figures. That's at least $100 (maybe more). That's worth taking a stroll about the neighborhood looking for the dog.

You're looking for a female pooch that stands about 10 inches high at the shoulder, weighs about 6 pounds and looks like a black and tan Doberman pinscher.

You can call El Centro police, us at 337-3448 or the owner at 540-0006 or 352-8522.

By the way, we still provide free newspaper ads (three lines, three days), for folks who lose a dog or find a dog. It's our way of helping cut the homeless pet population.

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