Calexico to discuss road improvements

January 14, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Controversy is on tap for Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The council will consider paying $450,000 for improvements to Fiesta and Robinson roads.

Extensions to those dead-end roads would be used by future patrons of a proposed Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar and a Holiday Inn.

The extensions could be used by patrons of other businesses that build on land surrounding the Calexico 10 Theater off Scaroni Road.

Improvements to the roads would include amenities such as a fountain and broader thoroughfares to accommodate landscaping.

According to backup materials for Tuesday's meeting, City Manager Richard Inman will tell the City Council there are various options to finance the improvements. The two he mentioned in a letter to the council: Measure D monies and traffic impact fees.


"In fact, Fiesta Road is already programmed into the Measure D projects," Inman wrote.

There is no mention of paying for the improvements with federal money via a Community Development Block Grant.

At a December meeting, the council gave direction to city staffers to look into the CDBG option. To apply for CDBG monies the city has to submit a specific proposal to the state agency in charge of divvying up federal CDBG money.

At the December meeting, two owners of eateries along Cole Road railed against the council for even considering what they called "subsidizing" competing businesses. The owners left after finding out the city was not planning to use city funds to pay for the improvements.

According to Inman's letter to the council, "It should be noted that the city will be seeking reimbursement for the improvements from developers of future projects not only in the immediate area but also within the entire region if the traffic impact studies indicate that these projects will have an impact on Fiesta and/or Robinson roads.

"Furthermore, the Holiday Inn Express and the Applebee's will be generating increment property tax revenues back to the city's Redevelopment Agency and general fund revenues in excess of $250,000 annually in transient occupancy taxes and sales taxes."

The City Council meets on Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. in City Hall, 608 Heber Road.

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