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Voice: BLM, liberal press not telling the whole story about the dunes

January 15, 2002

As an Imperial Valley native and a longtime I.V. Press reader, I am disturbed by a few of the latest trends that have evolved in "our" desert.

The reason I say "our" desert is because the people of the Imperial Valley and Yuma areas, including my grandfather, were the desert pioneers. They first drove off-road machines called water-pumpers.

One of the things that turns my head is the very liberal, one- sided press who report about all of the money that the Bureau of Land Management and other governing bodies spend to protect what they call "their" desert. I personally pay for a yearly pass to the dunes, green stickers for all of my off-road equipment and registration for both my 4x4 and my travel trailer (which I use only for the desert).

Now if you multiply all of these fees times the 190,000 visitors BLM reported in the dunes over one weekend. you're looking at millions of dollars. So I am curious why BLM and the liberal press report that BLM is spending "their" money to protect us. This sounds like a bunch of organized propaganda to me, which if you know anything about the government and media, propaganda is what they do best.


Another concern is all of the people saying that the land belongs to "Mother Earth" or that we are "messing with nature's habitat." Maybe so, but what were you thinking when you bought your home, that it was always there? How about that store you spend so much time shopping at or the golf course you play on? Let me guess, these don't hurt nature because the developer tells you he did an environmental impact report.

Anyone who truly believes that needs an extra step from the ship so they don't fall into the water.

The last thing I have to say is about the people who come to the desert to cause problems for everyone they encounter. When these people are arrested, impose a loss of rights to the desert in a term that will match the violation. If a carload of thugs shows up to the desert with only an ice chest and no off-road or camping equipment, turn them around and send them back where they came from. Obviously they have other motives than just enjoying the desert.

I can say without a doubt that my children, my wife and my friends will enjoy the desert with me for years to come despite propaganda-natured BLM, liberal press and the worthless thugs who try to threaten the very existence of the good-natured off-road enthusiast.


El Centro

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