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Voice: ‘The Forgotten War'

January 15, 2002

The War in Korea,

a terrible nightmare.

Called the Forgotten War.

For, no one seems to care.

Not for me, nor my mind.

For me, there is a past.

The toll and the anguish,

will forever last.

A stealth helicopter,

above the battlefield,


was my battle station.

Swore to never yield.

From the skies above,

ghastly, was the sight,

of soldiers being slain.

Faces, cringe with fright.

One day, we took a shot.

Spiraling, went our plane.

Crashed into the ocean.

My hurting back, in pain.

Saved by my gallant crew.

T'was my lucky day.

Somewhat lame, but alive.

Thanks to God, I pray.

The war in Korea,

fought in vain, I'm told.

I salute those that died.

The brave and the bold.

Dedicated to my brother




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