Voice: Vote against IID candidates who support the water transfer

January 15, 2002

If the water users of the Imperial Irrigation District exercise their right to vote this March for IID board candidates positively against the proposed water transfer to San Diego, there will be many benefits to Imperial County.

The first is Imperial County will continue its growth and increase the property tax base value and income without any fallowing of farmland. Growth in farming, industry and number of residents will benefit all businesses and provide more income to Imperial County.

If the sales and property tax base value shrinks or remains stable, Imperial County will be unable to provide necessary services, services it can barely manage now. The Imperial County Board of Supervisors has standing to object to the water transfer because the county will suffer such great injury. Imperial County is now the poorest county in the state.

The second benefit is taxpayers will not have to support a $2 billion tax fraud. The plans to save the Salton Sea from the severe damage that would be caused by the San Diego and Los Angeles water transfers would cost at least that amount, experts say. But we who live around the Salton Sea say why save something that isn't broke?


The Salton Sea is not dying. The sea is the same as it has always been, a healthy bio-diverse multi-species environment that has never been closed to swimming, fishing or boating. The Salton Sea is not getting "too salty." The sea is stable, not even close to dying.

The Salton Sea is actually below ocean water levels in what most of us think of as salt. The salt in the Salton Sea is not the same composition as table salt or salt in the oceans. The amount of "salt" in the sea has not changed in more than five years. The Salton Sea is not getting saltier no matter what kind of salt is measured.

The so-called beneficial fix of the Salton Sea is a cover-up by the water agencies involved in the proposed water transfer. They want taxpayers to pay for the enormous expense of transferring water from Imperial County to their agencies. They have tried for 15 years to convince you the Salton Sea is dying by broadcasting negative propaganda, so much so even local residents believe it. These agencies don't believe it. They know the facts but try to make the water transfer an environmental issue to get your support.

With your sentimental support based upon the phony environmental concerns, they propose to use your tax money to build massive dikes at both ends of the sea and divert fresh water. These plans have schematics, maps and diagrams. They plan to make the Salton Sea shrink so the center becomes a hypersaline stinking sink with miles-wide dry shorelines. Can you imagine the problem with massive wind-blown dust particles suspended it the air all over the Valley. Is this what you want done with your taxpayer money?

Leave the Salton Sea alone. Don't try to fix what isn't broke. The fish and waterfowl are still healthy and safe. We could safely predict the sea would continue to be healthy and safe. These selfish agencies want to kill it deliberately with your taxpayer moneys so San Diego and Los Angeles can develop their residential, recreational and industrial communities at our expense.

The final word on this issue is in the hands of the people entitled to vote for the IID board, the people it serves in the water and irrigation portion of their district. To really save the Salton Sea, ask each candidate how he or she would vote on the water transfer issue and vote only for the candidates who would stop the water transfer. Ask the candidates why taxpayers should pay $2 billion to intentionally and maliciously kill the healthy Salton Sea?

The Salton Sea appreciates your support. If the Salton Sea is going to die, let it die a natural death at no expense to taxpayers.


Desert Shores

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