Voice: Press kisisng up to DA by running brief on daughter's award

January 16, 2002

On Tuesday, I reviewed the Imperial Valley Press via the Internet. I like to read newspapers from across the country, and I came across yours.

There was a small article about Jennifer Otero making the Dean's list at UC Irvine. The article also stated that her father was Gilbert Otero. Through my research I discovered that Gilbert Otero is a district attorney in the Imperial Valley, and the I.V. Press failed to mention this.

The only reason that I can find for the I.V. Press printing this article is to "brown-nose" and earn good behavior points with the district attorney.

Also, earning a place on the dean's list is not worth writing an article about. I am a university graduate with two bachelor's degrees. I made the dean's list seven times.


The editors and writers of the I.V. Press call themselves journalists. True journalists do not print articles just to earn "brownie-points" with an individual.

The I.V. Press, in the opinion of an educated, college graduate who majored in journalism and English, and who also writes for the New York Times, has sunk to the realm of a tabloid newspaper.

Consider this a professional opinion about the I.V. Press. Of course, I know that you will not print this in your newspaper. But maybe it will strike a chord and open the eyes of those there who are desecrating the privilege to be journalists


New York City

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