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Voice: Press prints much about the accomplishments of local youths

January 18, 2002

A wise person once taught me to make sure I was well-informed before I criticized or expressed an opinion on any topic.

Although I have not always followed that advice, I remember it when I am embarrassed by a hasty judgment or incorrect declaration I make because of lack of information. I immediately recalled this advice when I read the letter from B. Reyes on Wednesday.

This reader claims that he came across the I.V. Press over the Internet and decided that the paper does not have "true" journalists because it printed an article about the DA's daughter earning a place on the dean's list at her university. If writing about our sons and daughters in the newspaper is "kissing up," then we must all be really important people here in the Valley, because the I.V. Press continuously applauds the achievements of our youth.

There are weekly write-ups on those graduating from boot camps, those earning local academic and athletic recognition, and those who have left for universities and make the dean's list, among other honors.


It is a pity that Mr. Reyes does not read the paper on a regular basis or he would know that. It is a joy to open the newspaper and find news concerning young people from our community succeeding in life. I find it much more enjoyable than consistently reading about all of the problems that face our world.

I applaud all of the young people in the Valley who are striving to achieve, whether their parents are influential or not. I was so bewildered when I read that letter. I asked myself why a writer from the New York Times would take time from his "educated" world to write to the I.V. Press and criticize its integrity based on an article of less than 40 words on page B4?

There are so many more important topics to be concerned about than to be concerned about a successful student getting local recognition. I decided that the author of the letter is just bitter that his educational success was never recognized. It is too bad he felt he had to write such a ridiculous letter to a small community and give his "trying-to-be-impressive" resume to make himself feel better.

Mr. Educated Journalist, I bet the I.V. Press would print up a 40-word article about your achievements if it would take away your bitterness and help you get over having to pick on other people in order to make yourself feel important.



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