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Voice: Bush-Enron connection? That dog won't hunt

January 19, 2002

Greetings from the cold East Coast. Enron. What can I say? We (I've) been bitten. Last summer I was reading all the reports about what a great buy it was and how it was going to be a great hold for the future. I bought a few stocks for retirement.

Well, now they are virtually worthless. Oh well, in this free-wheeling, capitalist, dog-eat-dog country we live in, you lose some and win some. I hope they go after the crooks who took the money and put them in jail. Do I think that I will ever see the money again? I doubt it. Like my dad said, don't put any money in the market unless you are prepared to lose it. The market is a big gamble.

What I am not too happy to see is the media and the Democrats rallying around and attempting to put this one on "W" (our president). They are out looking for a scandal. Don't think that they are going to find anything to implicate George.


As Ari Fleischer, the president's spokesperson, said, "This dog won't hunt." In case you all are not sure what that means, it means "there ain't nuthin there." Can't pin this one on old George.

The Democrats? Well they can't be too pious about this either, as they took campaign money from Enron, too. The whole thing is a mess and particularly sad for people who had most of their retirement invested in this company's stock.

I am slowly getting over my loss and encourage you to do so. After all this was just "one horse who would not run."


Oxford, N.C.

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