Voice: Daughter of DA or not … recognition is deserved

January 21, 2002

Criticism is justifiable in the matter of having the correct information. Mr. Benjamin Reyes, for coming across our local Valley newspaper via Internet and claiming that you did some research, you clearly failed to do an intellectual and thorough search. For being an "educated college graduate who majored in journalism," detailed research should be routine for you.

It is obvious that you have sunk to the levels of the tabloid newspapers by assuming that Ms. Jennifer Otero was the daughter of our local district attorney, Gilbert Otero. Therefore, your assumption has falsely accused the I.V. Press of "brown-nosing" and trying to "earn good behavior points" with the local district attorney. An "educated" journalist like "yourself" would have done complete research and realized that there is more than one person with the same name.

Granted, Jennifer's father's name is Gilbert Otero, but you automatically jumped to the conclusion that the DA, rather than a local citizen, was her father.


With that said, let me fill you in on Ms. Otero's accomplishments. I was a classmate and a friend of hers and have witnessed firsthand the hard work that she puts in academically. It is a personal honor for me to be able to open the local newspaper to find that my fellow classmate/friend is continuing to excel in her academic endeavors.

If a 40-word article is printed on every former student who has done something to deserve recognition, then so be it, because it allows me along with many other peers to keep abreast of their accomplishments after we have all gone our separate ways.

Therefore, I would suggest that you sharpen your research skills in journalism and let Jennifer and other local youths be acknowledged for succeeding in their goals. If this is not printed, that is OK, just as long as people know that I am happy for Jennifer.

Finally, congratulations Jennifer on a job well done!



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