Voice: Time for dissenters in ECPD to stop baseless, hyperbolic attacks

January 22, 2002

For some time now, I've read and pondered the flow of letters to the newspaper by a group of writers who seem to take great delight in demeaning El Centro's Police Department and chief of police, Ray Loera, in particular.

While I don't "have a dog in this fight," as a retired officer from the department, it concerns me that these letters' apparent intent is to create an atmosphere of dissension and mistrust that will ultimately do grievous harm to a fine department.

It seems of particular interest that these letters employ innuendo and often outright prevarications, purposely designed to cast undeserved aspersions on Chief Loera, the senior management and other officers not sharing the view of this small group of officers.

This campaign of dissension and divisiveness, always conducted by surrogates while the manipulating officers hover silently in the background, has placed Loera and the department in an intolerable situation that requires spending an inordinate amount of time defending what seems to be, for the most part, baseless or hyperbolic charges.


As evidence of the burden faced by Loera and the department, one needs only to look at the newspaper's recent correction-of-the record placement, a few lines on page A-4 of the Sunday paper that are supposed to "unring the bell" of misinformation contained in an earlier letter. One can't help but wonder how many people, influenced by the original letter, failed to sufficiently scour the newspaper so they cold learn of the original erroneous information.

The time has come for this group of malcontent officers to adjust to the present departmental management and cease the letters-by-proxy campaign of disinformation. An unbiased outside examiner investigated the list of grievances, both real and perceived, and for the most part, based on the newspaper's reporting, dismissed the complaints as either baseless or exaggerated.

This should be enough to put to rest the discontent and allow each officer's attention to be focused on real police work.


El Centro

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