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Carrot Fest queens, princesses and junior princesses announced

January 24, 2002|By DORA DEPAOLI, Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — Seventeen girls and young ladies are vying for the titles of Carrot Festival queen, princess and junior princess.

The four queen hopefuls are Becky Alaniz, Lyndzie Godfrey, Samantha Bailey and Theresa Short.

Those in the running for the princess title are Kristina Bailey, Lynne Medel, LaShae Shawver and Victoria Kellerman.

The junior princess candidates are Carrie McKinney, Harlie Merten, Mary Higginbottom, Anzio Esters, Trudy Gaddis, Maria Preciado, Savannah Mamer, Cheyenne Magaña and Summer Perez.

The Carrot Festival court will be announced Jan. 25 during the Holtville Chamber of Commerce banquet at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort. All contestants will receive one-fourth of the proceeds of the raffle tickets they sell. The queen, princess and junior princess will be given a bouquet of flowers, a tiara and silver engraved jewelry boxes. Runners-up will receive a variety of gifts.

Queen contestant Becky Alaniz, 15, is a sophomore at Holtville High School. She is on the Holtville tennis team and plays trumpet in the Holtville High Viking Band of Pride. Since eighth grade she has been the lone female trumpet player in the band. Her other interests are running track and competing in the long jump and triple jump. This is the third time the determined young woman has entered the contest. The past two years she was a princess candidate. Her parents are Raul and Juanita Alaniz.


Lyndzie Godfrey, 15, is a sophomore at Holtville High. Her favorite classes this year are art and FFA. She enjoys all sports and talking to her friends on the phone. This is her second year in the contest. She finds selling tickets a lot easier this year and is enjoying meeting people. Lyndzie plans to major in child development and to one day open her own day care. Lyndzie is the daughter of Ted and Kim Godfrey.

Samantha Bailey, 17, is a senior at Holtville High. She is on the high school tennis team and a member of FFA. Riding horses on ditch banks is one of her favorite pastimes. She shares a horse with her sister, Kristina, a princess contestant. Samantha has a collection of turtles and angels. Her plan is to major in psychology and someday become a school psychologist. She is the daughter of Richard and Karen Bailey.

Theresa Short, 16, is a junior at Holtville High. She has long been enthusiastic about the Carrot Festival. As a youngster she won the Little Chefs cooking contest and won the high school cooking contest two years. She has served as an attorney of the Holtville High mock trial team for three years. She is president of the local chapter of Friday Night Live and is active at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Theresa is a peer mentor as part of a weekly radio program on KUBO. Her future plans include becoming an attorney, but first she wants to put in a stint in the Peace Corps before starting a family and a career. She is the daughter of Angela Marlow.

Princess candidate Kristina Bailey, 14, is a freshman at Holtville High and a member of the varsity tennis team. For the past four years she was a member of Pine 4-H Club and has a deep love of animals. She has a boxer named Brandi. The family also has a cat and two other dogs and she shares a horse with her sister. Her goal is to become a veterinarian. Kristina said her favorite teachers are Ms. Macdonald at Holtville High and Ms. Thornburg at Pine School. "They are both very easy to get along with," she said. She is the daughter of Richard and Karen Bailey.

Lynne Medel, 13, is in the eighth grade at Holtville Middle School. She plays volleyball, basketball and soccer for the school and is a member of the drill team. She "loves" baby-sitting and baby-sits at least two or three times a month. She is enjoying the contest and getting to meet people while selling raffle tickets. Eventually she wants to become a lawyer and have a side job as a fashion designer. Her parents are Jorge and Raquel Medel.

LaShae Shawver, 12, is in the seventh grade at Holtville Middle School and plays clarinet in the band. She likes swimming and showing her animals in 4-H. Last year she raised a veal calf named Babe. This year she is raising a variety of rabbits including mini rex, rex and English lop, and serves as a junior 4-H leader for rabbits. LaShae enjoys collecting Beanie Babies and has more than 200 at this time. She is the daughter of Tim and Sandi Shawver.

Victoria Kellerman, 12, is in the seventh grade at Holtville Middle School, where she is on the drill team. Her favorite class is language arts and she likes getting to visit with her friends there. Victoria likes swimming and competes with the Holtville Stingrays swim team. As a member of Holtville 4-H she takes cooking and she is raising a rabbit named Spangles, a Holland lop. In 1998 she was first runner-up in the junior princess contest. Her parents are Danny Garcia and Stefany Leal.

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