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Preacher's Pulpit: The giants that

January 25, 2002

stalk you

By Basil Bell, Special to this newspaper

The story of David and Goliath might be told in this fashion.

The Philistines, the enemies of the people of God, had a giant named Goliath. He would yell at the Israelites, "Come and fight. If your warrior defeats me, we will be your slaves; but if I defeat him, you'll be our slaves."

David, a courageous and confident youth, went to the king and said, "If you will let me, I will take care of this fellow." The king thought about it and said, "You're just a shepherd boy and this giant is a man of war, but if you want to take on the giant you may do it."

David collected five smooth stones and proceeded in the direction of the giant. When Goliath saw the lad, he was outraged that he, the champion of the Philistines, was to battle against a mere boy. Goliath cursed David to his face, insulted him and promised to make quick work of him.


David was undaunted. He yelled back, "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied."

(1 Samuel 17:45).

The giant angrily ran toward David. David swung his slingshot and the stone smacked the giant right on the forehead. And Goliath toppled over, dead.

The Philistines were shocked at the turn of events and ran for their lives. Israel pursued and won a great victory that day.

What a story! And what does it teach? At least a couple of great truths. One, that boy David represented the nation. His victory or defeat meant well or woe to Israel. When he won they won. And in the same way, we have a vile enemy — the devil — who stalks us and wishes to enslave us. But Jesus defeated him on the cross. Now, Christ's victory is our victory. We might lose a battle here and there, but Christ has already won the war.

Yet another truth is that we all face Goliaths. For an example, there are the giants of despair, depression and guilt that wish to enslave us.

Everybody has giants that want to destroy them. But no difficulty is bigger than you are when you are united with God. God and you together make up a majority.

So, if you have a battle, fight it! If you have a handicap, rise above it! If you have a challenge, face it! If you have a cross, bear it! If they knock you down, get up! If they push against the ropes, come out swinging. If they talk about you, keep praying. If they laugh at you, keep smiling. If they hate you, keep loving. If they kill you, you will rise again!

In all circumstances trust God. Pray to Him. Thank Him for everything.

Like David, move forward. Together you and God have the power to do mighty things which you know not.

>> Basil Bell is pastor of the El Centro Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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