OUTDOOR: Junior waterfowl hunt slated

January 25, 2002|By AL KALIN

Staff Columnist

Let's hope the junior hunters can take advantage of high winds if they continue through the weekend, as the annual two-day special junior waterfowl hunt is slated for this weekend.

That's how it always happens. As soon as waterfowl season is over the wind starts blowing, driving ducks off the Salton Sea and into the protected ponds of different refuges' private clubs.

The special hunt is open to all hunters who hold a junior hunting license. The same rules and regulations that applied to the regular season apply to the junior waterfowl hunt. An adult must accompany junior hunters. Adults are not allowed to hunt nor is a hunting license necessary for the adult to accompany the young hunter.


There's a good chance junior hunters may be able to bag some of the white-fronted geese moving through our valley on their way back north. The limit for these dark geese is three per day.

Corvina fishing continues to be hit-and-miss with most of the fish being caught on trolled Thin-Fin lures when wind conditions allow boaters on the Salton Sea.

This is an excellent time for bass fishermen to fish the Colorado River. The most success will come from fishermen working the main river channel where the water temperature is higher than the shallow lakes along the river's edge. Spinner baits, jigs with pork trailers and soft plastic lures work best when pitched or flipped into the pockets in the brush along the river's course.

A plastic lizard is an excellent soft plastic bait to flip this time of the year. Its large surface area allows it to sink at a much slower rate, which allows the bait to stay in front of the fish for a longer period of time.

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