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Voice: Hey Renison: resolutions can spark important ideas and movements

January 26, 2002

I am writing you this letter in reference to the front-page article of Friday. Reaction: Mayor Pro Tem John Renison replied "We could pass motions and resolutions, but what are they worth?"

He said this when the Calexico council shunned a motion opposing two power plants and a proposed natural gas pipeline that could be built in Mexicali.

Mr. Renison, or may I call you … John?: To me a resolution is first an idea started by a group of men or women or by an individual person.

With this in mind:

When Rosa Parks said, "I ain't moving from this seat" and was arrested, an idea was formed and African-Americans resolved to do something about that, hence that spark started the boycott of the bus system in Montgomery, Ala. Cesar Chavez had an idea that farm workers could be organized and the "Si se puede" motto started.


John, an idea was started in Calexico by John Steppling, once the owner of the Calexico Chronicle. He had an idea and a group got together and addressed that idea, hence the old Calexico High School was transformed into San Diego State!

John, where would the world be … if people did not have ideas and resolved to do something about it?

P.S. 1. — Loose cannons should not be fired.

P.S. 2. — Gracias and think about it.


El Cajon

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