2002 Carrot Festival court named

January 26, 2002|By DORA DEPAOLI, Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — Seventeen-year-old Samantha Bailey was crowned the 2002 Carrot Festival Queen on Friday night at the Barbara Worth Golf Resort near here.

LaShae Shawver, 12, was crowned princess and Savannah Mamer, 6, was crowned junior princess.

A festive crowd was on hand for the 55th annual Carrot Festival activities naming the Citizen of the Year and the queen, princess and junior princess. In addition to parents and brothers and sisters, there were grandparents and great-grandparents in attendance.

Seventeen girls participated in the three contests. As in other years, Gene Wilcox chaired this event. Wilcox was assisted by Arlene VanBebber, who celebrated her birthday Friday night.

Outgoing queen Keri Kilgore crowned Samantha. Keri was a bit reluctant to give up her title.

First runner-up was Theresa Short, second runner-up was Lyndzie Godfrey and third runner up was Becky Alaniz.

Last year's princess, Tassa Allegranza, crowned LaShae. She, too, enjoyed her reign as 2001 princess and became close friends with Keri. First runner-up was Christina Bailey, second runner-up was Lynne Medel and third runner-up was Victoria Kellerman.


Outgoing junior princess Carleigh Bingham crowned Savannah, gave her a hug and told her it would be fun. First runner-up was Trudy Gaddis, second runner-up was Carrie McKinney and third runner-up was Cheyenne Magaña.

Samantha is the daughter of Richard and Karen Bailey. She wore a midnight-blue gown, which she borrowed from her friend, Shelly Strahm. She said she thought, "Oh my gosh," when she heard her name called. Samantha planned to spend the rest of the evening watching movies with a friend but said she had to be up early to start her royal duties at the Carrot Festival Golf Tournament on Saturday.

LaShae is the daughter of Tim and Sandi Shawver and a cousin of Savannah, the junior princess. LaShae said she is looking forward to "experiencing many different things as I represent the city of Holtville in the coming year."

Savannah is the daughter of Steve and Tina Mamer. The petite miss said she was "really happy" about being named junior princess. She wore a maroon dress and was delighted to have had her nails done by her grandmother, Terri Fusi.

Other junior princess candidates included Maria Preciado, Summer Perez, Harlie Merten, Mary Higginbottom and Anzio Esters.

All the contestants received a variety of gifts including silver jewelry boxes, sashes and flowers and a percentage of the raffle tickets they sold.

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