Voice: Improving roads will improve response times

January 26, 2002

If your house was on fire or you just had a heart attack, would you want firefighters and paramedics who were responding to be slowed by poor road conditions or detours around structurally deficient bridges?

Of course not, but that can happen all too often in California today. You, however, can change that and improve response times by casting a vote for an all-important proposition on the upcoming ballot.

Proposition 42 won't just improve our roads and highways it will make them safer. Improved roads lessen the likelihood of fatal accidents. And Prop. 42 reduces congestion without raising taxes because it requires that the sales tax we already pay at the pump go to transportation projects. It will also fix potholes, widen interchanges and make general road and safety improvements plus dedicate revenue to mass transit. All this with no new taxes. That's one of the reasons Prop. 42 is supported by the California Taxpayers' Association.


You may have read that a new study by The Road Information Program found California has the nation's most deteriorated roads. Improving those roads improves emergency response times and we all know what that could mean.

Prop. 42 is supported by public safety officials including, Commissioner Dwight Helmick of the California Highway Patrol, Director Dallas Jones of the state Office of Emergency Services, the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs and the California Police Chiefs Association.

Let's make California safer by voting for Proposition 42.


President California

Fire Chiefs Association

Rio Linda

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