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Am a ghost hunter. When I read about the reported ghosts at the old Heber School, it excited me.


January 28, 2002

I got involved in the paranormal because I have a keen sense of the supernatural. I can tune in like a radio or television set when it picks up a signal. I experience hot and cold spots, flashes of light from the corner of my eyes, disembodied voices. During sleep I suffer night terrors, the sensation of pressure on me, the lifting of my body or the sense of a presence.

I know what you're thinking — this person is crazy and should be locked up! I told my wife and family but they didn't understand, so I decided to take my camera to places where I was picking up signals of other world activity.

As I looked at the photos, I noticed orbs of light in the Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego, similar orbs in the Planters Hotel in Brawley and several sets of lights in Tombstone, Ariz. — the Crystal Palace, the Birdcage Theater and the Big Nose Kate Saloon.


I drove to the Heber School on the night of Nov. 14, 2001. It was quiet and dark, nothing going on, until I picked up a huge cold spot on the lower level. I took the picture I am sending you.

Look at the middle of picture toward the brick wall. I could make out a gentleman wearing a long-sleeve white shirt with a black vest and a cowboy hat! Can you see it? — Specter Inspector, Imperial

No, but we learned a long time ago that just because we don't see something doesn't mean it isn't there. We did see the "orbs" of light, though, if that helps.

A CANCELED SALE — About the lady who put up a deposit to buy a house and the seller wants to keep it because financing fell through; usually if the buyer does not get credit approval, the deposit is returned. The deposit receipt is designed to protect buyers who put up deposits.

Advise the buyer to read the first page of the residential purchase agreement and the second paragraph of the joint instructions on financing. It states, "Obtaining the loans below is a contingency of this agreement unless either 2H (no loan contingency) or 2I (all cash offer)." If either clause was checked, it would allow the seller to keep the deposit. If neither was checked, the seller must return the deposit.

The fact the seller had to pay mortgage payments while the property is in escrow has nothing to do with this. The seller must keep his payments current, regardless of sale, to avoid being in default.

I would advise your reader to consult with her real estate agent or an attorney for advice on what applies in this case. — Realtor, El Centro

We concur and we wonder why her agent has not fought to get back the buyer's deposit.

THOSE PRECIOUS MOMENTS — On Jan. 21 our daughter gave birth to her first son (and our first grandson) at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley. In the excitement we left the camera in either the nursery or maternity ward lobby.

When we noticed the camera was missing, we searched everywhere but couldn't find it. These pictures of the first moments of motherhood and baby cannot be replaced. We asked the PMH staff and security personnel but no camera was turned in.

Could you ask PROBE readers for help in searching for the film? If it's found, call us at 353-5295. — Sad Grandma, El Centro

We think you are saying, "Keep the camera but give me the film." Let us know if you get it — and congratulations.

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