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Voice: Sesma unfairly condemned in artical, editorial

January 30, 2002

I commend the Imperial Valley Press for excellent and informative news coverage concerning the San Diego County Water Authority.

However, I am offended by both the front-page article, as well as your editorial, regarding the appointment of Grace Sesma as one of their representatives in our community.

Although praised, in a "round-about-fashion" your articles left the district impression that filing sexual harassment charges makes her less viable for this position

Mr. Gauna was tried, convicted and served time for a crime clearly committed. His employment should be questioned.

What crime did Grace commit?

Has the I.V. Press decided she's guilty in a matter that was privately settled out of court in her favor?

I am confident that her employment will be an asset — not a liability. Anyone who would risk unwanted publicity and ridicule by standing up for what's morally right and honest has my vote of approval.


My major concern is for anyone who may suffer in anguishing silence, afraid to pursue sexual harassment charges when warranted because of ridicule or having one's integrity compromised.

Will they also have to take in consideration such an action may impede their ability to gain future employment and income because of your negative publicity?


El Centro

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