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Committed cooks whip up breads, cakes and fritters

January 31, 2002|By DORA DEPAOLI, Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — The threat of the temperature taking another dip to 28 degrees Wednesday night didn't scare off committed cooks from many parts of the county.

The congenial crowd of participants and well-wishers attending the Carrot Festival cooking contests didn't even mind the delay in the judges naming the winners for the bread, dessert and miscellaneous categories.

Old and new faces were in the group assembled in the Civic Center on Wednesday night.

Rudy and Meip Van Lierop of Victoria, B.C., were here for the second time. Originally from Holland, they immigrated to Victoria 20 years ago and love spending time in the desert. They are camping at the BLM campground east of Holtville.

Anyone with a sweet tooth would have been in sugar heaven during the judging of the desserts. Entries included several kinds of carrot cakes, a carrot cranberry cheesecake, sweet carrot tamales, carrot cream tarts and a carrot roll cake.


Mona Locher of El Centro won the category with "Carrot Cake Roll." Locher substituted carrots for the pumpkin called for in her recipe.

"Moist & Yummy Carrot Cake" caught the judges taste buds to give Maxine Bonneau of Imperial second place. The first-time entrant said she had been thinking about entering the contest for a long, long time.

"I thought it was just time I started doing what I am thinking about doing," Bonneau said.

Shelly Osuna of Holtville took third place with "Hawaiian Carrot Cake." A collector of cookbooks, Osuna used a recipe from a cookbook her brother brought her from Massachusetts.

Locher won in the bread category with "Carrot Braid Bread." The beautiful, braided yeast bread called for one and a half cups of mashed carrots and had an egg glaze.

"Easy Carrotee Antipasto Bread" brought Angela Marlow of Holtville second place. Osuna was again on the inside track with "Carra-chini Bread taking third place. Her recipe called for shredded carrots and shredded zucchini.

In the miscellaneous division, "Confetti Carrot Fritters" brought Osuna another first- place ribbon. She earned one Tuesday in the salad/vegetable category. Osuna served the tasty fritters with a mustard sauce. Although she was concerned the fritters were cold at the time of the judging, it didn't bother the judges.

"This is just my year," Osuna exclaimed. "I am feeling lucky. I am going to win sweepstakes. That is my ultimate goal!"

Marlow walked off with second place with "Carrot Diamond Puffs," and Bonneau earned third place with "24 Carrot Soup."

Contestants who have taken first or second place in this week's contests will fix their dishes for the sweepstakes cook-off in the home economics building at Holtville High School at 5 p.m. Friday.

Tonight the microwave/energy-saving contest will start in the Civic Center at 6 p.m. This contest is open to all ages. A few years ago a 6-year-old won it. Winners in the contest do not compete in Friday's sweepstakes.

Judges Wednesday night were Barbara Osborn, Chyrs Diez, Pat McLaughlin, Andara Macdonald, Barbara Pfister and Paula Daniels. Different judges are used for each contest.

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