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Probe, January 31, 2002

January 31, 2002

QUESTION: Why don't the local pizza parlors deliver pizza to Seeley? They're going to tell you it's too far but they deliver to the Naval Air Facility El Centro and NAF is just as far as Seeley. — Pizza Eater, Seeley

We asked around and that's what we heard. It's too far to deliver to Seeley — and there's not enough business out there to justify the trip. Domino's delivered briefly to NAF El Centro but it turned out the Navy base was too far as well.

It will burn you up but the Calexico Domino's delivers to Heber. We don't know if the population of Heber is bigger than Seeley but Heber residents apparently order more pizza. Anyway, Heber is closer to Calexico than Seeley is to El Centro.

QUESTION: I am a full-time student at Imperial Valley College. I am totally dependent on the Imperial County Transit Service to get to and from the campus. I live in Calexico.


The bus service is so limited. Sometimes I have to go three hours early and wait for the class or wait three hours after class to go home. There is no 10 p.m. bus despite night classes. If there are not enough riders, why not use a shuttle bus? — No bus, Calexico

The county axed the two 10 p.m. buses from the schedule because nobody was riding them, said Jorge Manriquez, manager of the transit service

"We would have one to three riders total for both buses," he said.

If you want more services at IVC, gather up some students and make your case to the transportation needs board of directors at its next meeting. It's at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 21 in the county Board of Supervisors chambers (second floor), 940 W. Main St. El Centro.

QUESTION: Would PROBE readers help me locate the car that totaled my 1984 Monte Carlo? It was not much but it was the only car I had.

My car was parked at the curb in the 1500 block of Hamilton Avenue in El Centro on Jan. 17 when it was struck about 11:45 by a 1994 white Nissan Sentra. A license number, 4HI809, written down by an observer turned out to be incorrect. However, the number may be close.

The Sentra must have been going fast because it knocked my car into the pickup parked in front of it. My car, sandwiched between the two vehicles, was crunched on both ends.

Look for a Sentra with a damaged right front fender. I will pay a $100 reward for information leading to the arrest of the hit-and-run driver. If I can find the car, I may be able to get money to replace my car from an "uninsured motorist fund." — Sandwiched, El Centro

That's true only if the car was uninsured, but it's worth a shot. OK, PROBE readers, keep your eyes peeled for a white Sentra with a damaged right front fender. If you see it, give us a call and we'll pass the word to the above gentleman.

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