Voice: The problem is bad candidates, not campaign fiance

January 31, 2002

With the recent fiasco of Enron, campaign finance reform has once again reared its ugly head.

Liberal media will point fingers at conservative recipients who accepted campaign donations from Enron and ignore the Democrats who also accepted money from this corporation.

Among those are her heinous, Hillary Clinton, illegitimate Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, "jumping' Jim" Jeffords, leftist Sheila Jackson Lee, and a host of other Democrats including Joe Lieberman, who is "investigating" these fat white boys.

Enron did approach the Bush administration and they righteously refused to help them because our government is not in the business to bail companies out of trouble, nor is it the responsibility of the government to announce possible business failures. The stock market has always been risk and reward.


But the liberal senator from Arizona, John McCain (Republican), says his campaign finance reform bill will keep "big money" out of government. The fact is that "big media" loves him because campaign finance reform is a direct assault on the First Amendment to the Constitution.

This bill would silence every "special interest" group there is, including the National Rifle Association, Boy Scouts, and Christian organizations. If you are not with the liberal media, you will not be heard.

Under McCain's bill, the only opinions we will hear are those of the elitists in the media. Candidates of differing opinions won't have the money to buy commercial time to counter "big media's" socialist views. Everyone, liberals and conservatives alike, should feel threatened by this bill. It is unconstitutional and destroys our right as a people to political free speech.

Every senator or congressman who votes for this bill is an enemy to our freedom and the American way. If it reaches President Bush's desk, he will either sign it and let the Supreme Court strike it down because it is unconstitutional, or veto it because it is wrong. I'll put my money on the veto because we finally have a man of character in the White House.

Laws are made to be broken. New laws can't change a man's heart. We don't need to change our campaign laws, we need to change our candidates.


El Centro

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